Step Into The Spotlight! A Guide To Getting Noticed

Tsufit, author of the award winning book Step Into The Spotlight!, is “on a mission to bring color to business, by helping entrepreneurs and ‘the suits’ step into the spotlight and get noticed”. Her book is a fast-paced, entertaining read filled with personal anecdotes, quotable quotes, and director chair sidebars (connecting show business to business).  Tsufit invites celebrity into the business world and advocates “you are good enough to be the star of your own business. But you have to step into the spotlight, or no one will ever know.”

Tsufit, a lawyer-turned-comedy performer-turned-marketing consultant, lives in the “spotlight” herself and reveals her secret to attracting new clients as instinctively knowing that “ALL business is show business!”. Her book is really about sharing her own life, story, and experiences, and, in turn, helping business people release their own inner “star” power.

Originally, I learned about Tsufit by taking one of her online webinars about how to write your own book and Step Into The Spotlight! through public speaking. I’m a fan. As a business person, with a background in comedy performance myself, it seemed like a natural fit and still does. She does an incredible job of “walking the talk” and being the living embodiment of what brand awareness can create, and continually manifest, through a personalized and entertaining approach.

So, how do you step into the spotlight?

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Tracy Shea-Porter

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Tracy is an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, writer, speaker, and improviser. She provides the motivation and action plan for businesses to grow. With a new marketing communications plan, and a sales support program designed to get results, Tracy will take your business to the next level.
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