Your Life is Now!

Summary Written by Carol-Ann Hamilton
"This is your life and you get to choose how you want to feel."

- Your Life is Now!, page 173

The Big Idea

9 Principles for Joyous Living

"It has been my observation that most of us do not love ourselves enough."- Your Life Is Now!, page 27

Beneath themes like self-esteem, fear, relationships, forgiveness, health, wealth and remaining forever young, each chapter is accompanied by joyous living skills. First, here is a summary of the core principles:

  1. Your life is now. Now is the time to live it!
  2. Stay joyful and trust your Higher Self to guide you to the things you want!
  3. Stop looking into others’ eyes for validation.
  4. Our fear is our Higher Self telling us that what we fear, we desire to change.
  5. Right now you have the power to create better relationships.
  6. Be willing to own your part in any given situation. Then there is no need to forgive.
  7. Tell your body what you want in the positive and your body will oblige.
  8. It’s your birthright to have success. Believe it’s possible.
  9. Smile more. Laugh more. Dance more. Your body will mirror that back to you!

Insight #1

Self-Esteem: I Am Enough

"Affirm: What if tomorrow I was to feel worthy of having all my dreams come true?"- Your Life is Now!, page 39

Marlene starts by painting a picture of those who have wealth and success, yet they don’t feel satisfied with what they’ve manifested. They live a life of “When I accomplish this…” then I will be happy. Their constant struggle is with self-created pressure to achieve more. Striving to create the perfect life, no matter how hard they try, success seems just out of reach.

Do you know anyone like this? Perhaps it’s you. To counteract punishing self-talk, George suggests these actions:

  • Describe your ideal day. Be sure to include how you feel.
  • Draw yourself full of confidence and feeling good about your future dreams.
  • Prepare a list (as many pages as you can) of empowering words to yourself. It could be a sentence or it could be a letter you write to yourself. Examples include: “I am worthy of a healthy body”, “I am worthy of having a healthy, happy relationship” or “I am intelligent”.
  • (If you want a stretch) Look into your eyes and say these affirmations out loud.

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Insight #2

Healing Your Relationships

"How others choose to live their lives is no longer my business."- Your Life is Now!, page 37

Our most important relationship is with ourselves.

As such, all the caretaking traps many of us fall into merely place our desires on hold. Have you ever tried to “fix” someone who doesn’t want to change? It doesn’t exactly bring joy, does it?

The problem is that when we have unresolved issues, we’ll be placed in situations where we experience difficulties with others who represent these people. This phenomenon is the universe offering us an opportunity to heal and transform these unhealthy scenarios to make space for healthier ones.

Toward that end, we are encouraged to:

  • Write pages of positive things about people in our lives – especially those we find challenging.
  • For 30 days, express appreciation toward them and watch what happens.
  • As you increase your focus upon gratitude, one of two things will happen. Either those around you will “magically” change or (because the individual is no longer a match), you’ll be transported into better situations because you’ve changed your vibration. This applies at work, in friendships and other contexts.
  • For the next few days, be who you want to be and not who others expect you to be. [This does not mean you care any less about the people around you.]

When we decide to take back our lives, we start to feel better about ourselves. When the self-critic emerges, we can empower ourselves and make new decisions based on what will please us.

As a consequence, the peace and understanding you bring to yourself will reflect outwardly upon your surrounding world. As Marlene George urges, do not consider it selfish to feel good about whom you really are. As you practice self-care and self-kindness, you contribute to creating a better planet for everyone.

How would it be to follow your own guidance and trust that you can attain such wide-ranging positive impact? I’d say the answer is pretty good!

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Marlene George

Marlene offers treatments where she combines techniques of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch TM and CranioSacral Therapy for a holistic (wholistic) approach to assist her clients achieve complete wellness. She also offers courses teaching others how to learn Reiki and other healing techniques which she is qualified to teach. Marlene’s wellness workshops, wellness teleclasses, private counseling sessions, private telephone counseling sessions and holistic healing treatments have helped many heal physical and emotional challenges. Some examples are overcoming depression, overcoming stress, overcoming fear and anxiety, breaking addictions, releasing anger, recovering from sexual abuse, recovering from emotional abuse, and healing grief. Many people have received guidance from Marlene about their health, financial problems, business success problems, and relationship problems.

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