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Jonny Petrucco

Jonny Petrucco Actionable Writer

"Your time is valuable. Be wise. Know when to give and when to take. Prioritize your daily schedule and do not forgot to connect with people. Use a cost/benefit approach in business and life decisions."

A little more about me...

I was born and raised in a home with two parents who love me and two older sisters who tormented me (just kidding, we actually get along!). I learned about frugality and work ethic working in my Dad's business since age 8. At age 16, I started to uncover meaning in life. Today, I'm growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and I strive to be humble, wise, and excellent in every endeavor. I want to love people super well. It takes a proper heart & skill to love. How can I benefit people/society?

My Summaries

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