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WHO ARE YOU?I am a learning and development professional with over 20 years experience in leadership, team, and organizational development; corporate training; and corporate coaching. I am a self-professed personal development program and self-help book junkie who has been occasionally described as “relentlessly optimistic.” My interests include Japanese language and culture, linguistics, classical music, creativity, innovation, and future studies (see The Futurist at to learn what this means.)WHERE ARE YOU (GEOGRAPHICALLY)?I live in DeKalb, Illinois and work in Palatine, Illinois.WHAT DO YOU DO?I am the training and development manager for Weber-Stephen Products, the company that makes Weber Grills. My position here was only recently created, so I am basically in charge of anything and everything that you might associate with a training and development department (e.g. team development, compliance training, soft-skills training, vendor management, performance management, succession planning.)WHY DID THE ACTIONABLE BOOK CLUB RESONATE WITH YOU?I love to read and am always looking for ways to apply what I’ve learned through reading to my life (and, in a professional capacity, to the lives of others.) I am looking forward to connecting with and supporting others who share my passion for reading and development AND the desire to find practical application for what they’ve read.LinkedIn:

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