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Carissa Reiniger is dedicated to entrepreneurship. Having built Silver Lining Ltd from concept to an international company with revenue in the millions in just over one year, Carissa has lived through the growing pains and pleasures of fast growth entrepreneurship. One of the things that Carissa loves about Silver Lining is the fact that everything we do involves other people - we are highly collaborative and that offers us the opportunity to be learning all the time, giving all the time and getting better together, with others.Carissa has worked with, consulted for, and talked to literally thousands of entrepreneurs, giving as many of them as possible a SLAP™. She speaks often on entrepreneurship, has written two books, "Inspiring Entrepreneurs: How to Build Your Business To Its First Million" and "I Will," and is a featured columnist on entrepreneurship in many publications.Carissa feels that going to work everyday is a privilege because she loves what she does. When she isn’t in the office working in Toronto or New York – she can be found enjoying movies, theatre and eating fun food with fun people. As her Silver Lining family can attest – Carissa’s secret talent is that she can go days without sleep! DAYS!

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