Carolyn Ellis

"Information without action might be interesting, but it's pretty much useless. When you combine information WITH action, that's when you get the wisdom, experience and confidence to take you anywhere."

A little more about me...

I bring a unique set of skills and training to my clients as a visual facilitator, trainer, award-winning business coach and author. I combine my deep intuitive abilities with my Harvard-trained brain and life-long love affair with colorful markers to help decision-makers and leaders inspire, clarify and unleash the brilliant potential within individuals and organizations. As an Actionable Consultant, I support my clients in developing sustainable leadership and engaged teams from the inside out using cutting-edge business and human potential knowledge. As a graphic recorder and facilitator, I create captivating infographics, sketch notes and full-size visual murals in real-time. This helps decision-makers, audiences, clients, and stakeholders literally "see what they mean" which in turn builds trust, fosters breakthrough thinking and gets everyone on the same page (pun intended).Professionally, I have worked in both the private and public sector, as well as been on the entrepreneurial path for the last 12 years. I am a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. I've worked on Wall Street, served as a senior policy advisor in government and was the Director of Develop for two of the top independent schools in Canada. When I'm not creating or doodling something or transforming a business, I enjoy musical theatre, hot yoga and I'm a huge Star Trek fan.

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