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At Ninety Five 5 as a Sales Consultant and Coach Craig uses his experience, knowledge and understanding of people to help customers improve their business. Craig quickly builds trust with customers by nurturing open, transparent relationships resulting in superior solution to business problems. Craig broad range of knowledge includes technical, sales, and business skills. He has sold and delivered enterprise technology solutions to clients in the financial services, retail communications, and media industries. As part owner of an IT services company, Craig helped grow it from four people to over 70, eventually selling it to Bell Canada. Craig established a strong base of problem solving skills early through the Systems Design Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. This was followed by studying the use of technology to solve human problems with a MSc degree in Computer Science at the University of Toronto where he was part of the Human Computer Interaction program. Currently, Craig lives just outside of Toronto, Canada with his wife and three children. He is an avid learner whether it is guitar licks, a new cooking dish or a better way to get results at the gym. He enjoys adventures with his family from camping in scenic Ontario Parks to seeing new parts of the world.

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