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WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO?Based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), Flavian DeLima has been a freelance writer, communications and public relations consultant and trainer for more than 10 years, specializing in science and technology companies. He works closely with senior management in companies wanting to grow to the next level by developing internal and external processes and communications. He has authored a business career book, “Bridging the Skills Gap” and was a columnist for several regional and national newspapers in Canada covering business, career and management trends.He holds combined degrees in computer science and political science from York University in Toronto. Additionally, he has postgraduate certifications in career coaching and adult/corporate training. He is currently writing a book about how transparency will become the norm for individuals and organizations alike both online and offline.WHERE ARE YOU (GEOGRAPHICALLY)?Toronto, Ontario, (Canada)WHY DID THE ACTIONABLE BOOK CLUB RESONATE WITH YOU?Chris is a strong leader and thinker because he works hard to connect and creates relevant, current content that is actionable immediately. Multiply Chris by twenty people and you have a powerful sustainable community and think tank, driven by shared values and purpose.I want to be part of a community where everyone grows. This community will create a rising tide. As a popular saying goes, “A rising tide raises all boats”. I hope the ideas will benefit and cover personal and professional goals. Like-minded individuals usually attract similar people as the community grows.LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/flaviandelima

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