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WHO ARE YOU?Positive psychologist Dr. Gayle Scroggs partners with clients to do their Best Work and create their Best Lives. Through sharing research-based strategies, she fosters more joy, success, and meaning for individuals and communities. Native Californian turned global nomad, Gayle explored life in the Argentine pampa for eight years, cultivating a strengths-based approach to life and coaching that really works. Talented professionals and academics alike appreciate her warmth and broad perspective as a coach.Editor of the popular All But Dissertation Survival Guide, she is proud to be an ICF Professional Certified Coach and a trainer for the MentorCoach program.WHERE ARE YOU (GEOGRAPHICALLY)?At present I spend most of my time at my refuge on Kent Island, a tiny speck in the Chesapeake Bay across a four-mile bridge from Annapolis, Maryland, about an hour from Washington, D.C.My other home is with my husband in the Argentine pampa, on the outskirts of the city of San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Provincia Buenos Aires, on the banks of the Rio Parana, from which one can float down to Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Ocean, provided the piranhas don’t get too hungry.WHAT DO YOU DO?What I do and who I am are closely intertwined, so please see above. As a firm believer in the power of character strengths to change our world, I devote myself to developing them 24:7, at work, home, play, and service. From coaching to leading adult religious education programs, for me it is all about becoming more authentic, more awake, and more connected to each other and our precious planet.LinkedIn:

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