Jay Sullivan

A little more about me...

Jay Sullivan is the Managing Partner at Exec|Comm LLC. Whether working with groups or in one-on-one coaching arrangements Jay helps professionals have greater impact by teaching them to focus on the needs of their audiences. He works closely with the learning and development professionals at many global organizations to customize communication skills solutions for their teams.Prior to joining Exec|Comm, Jay spent nine years as a practicing attorney. He received his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and his BA in English from Boston College. After graduating from Boston College, Jay spent two years teaching English language and composition in Kingston, Jamaica. His book about that experience, Raising Gentle Men: Lives at the Orphanage Edge, was named the 2014 Best Book by a Small Publisher by the Catholic Press Association. Jay was a featured columnist for the New York Law Journal, where his column, The Art of Communication appeared regularly. His articles and poetry, both humorous and serious, have appeared in The New York Times, Readers Digest, Catholic Digest, Parents Magazine, The Golfer, and Boston College Magazine. He lives in Pleasantville, New York, with his wife and four children.

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