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WHO ARE YOU?My name is Joe McGonigal. In October 2012, after 12 years as a sales executive with a large healthcare distributor, I left to start my own venture. I have a beautiful wife (who is also an entrepreneur) and two young children. Outside of work, I love cooking, sports, and I’m an avid Crossfitter.I’m convinced that continual learning is the foundation for growth. In an effort to stay relevant and consistently provide value in today’s transforming market, I am always looking for ways to gain new insight and expand my comfort zone.Where are you?WHERE ARE YOU (GEOGRAPHICALLY)?I currently live in Phoenixville, PA, USA, a suburb of Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. I’ve also spent time in Arizona and New England. WHAT DO YOU DO?My partner and I started a company called SCC Partners, a sales accelerator for individuals and organizations looking to initiate new opportunities and grow revenue. We speak, coach, and consult. We are also building an interactive learning environment online.WHY DID THE ACTIONABLE BOOK CLUB RESONATE WITH YOU?The ABC caught my attention for a few reasons. I’ve always been an avid reader, primarily of business and personal development books. This opportunity sounded like a great chance to explore new material at a deep level with a group of people committed to doing the same.I also knew the caliber of people in a group like this would be exceptional. I am always looking for opportunities to meet and collaborate with people from varied backgrounds and experience.LinkedIn:

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