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WHO ARE YOU?I am a husband and father of 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls. I have been managing for the past 7 years in the IT field and developing leaders through a local leadership development class for the past 2 years. When not reading or leading, you can find me fishing. WHERE ARE YOU (GEOGRAPHICALLY)?I have enjoyed writing reviews and reading the amazing reviews on, being able to review books has opened up a pathway to looking at books as a tool to help build others around me.WHERE ARE YOU (GEOGRAPHICALLY)?San Antonio, TXWHAT DO YOU DO?I manage a team of Linux Support Admins during the 2nd Shift hours. WHY DID THE ACTIONABLE BOOK CLUB RESONATE WITH YOU?This group resonated with me because it combined my passion for reading and developing leadership in others and myself through the teachings of books, but took it a step further by making the books come to life. I want to focus on 2013 as an intentional year, and the requirements to not only read but also engage with others intentionally around the content of the book really resonated with me.LinkedIn:

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