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Parin is a Blogger, Writer, and Consultant, from Vancouver, BC. And he’s intrigued by one question:What makes GREAT people GREAT?As an avid basketball fan, he’s watched athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant consistently perform at an elite level.But how?How was Kobe able to score 81 points in one game? How was Jordan able to lead the Bulls to 6 championships? How are they able to keep the mental focus, patience, and physical strength required to consistently perform at an elite level?And it’s not only sports. As an IT Professional for the past 6 years, Parin’s also been intrigued by the success of leaders like Steve Jobs. His professional experiences (especially Consulting) have him learning more about “good,” and “not so good,” leadership and management ;).So when he met Chris Taylor in Toronto in December 2010, and learned about “The Salaried Entrepreneur,” he knew he wanted to get involved with ActionableBooks somehow! And that’s why he became a Writer here at ActionableBooks.In fact, in November 2010, Parin launched is Here’s an excerpt from the About page:“I strongly believe achieving any level of success or GREATness starts with the wonderful 3lb organ we have in our head: our brain. It all starts with our MIND.GREATness is a state of MIND (hence the name TED Talks, to 60 Minutes episodes, to Robin Sharma’s 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,' to Seth Godin’s blog, and other blogs and resources – I’ve come across some interesting content on this topic. And I’d like to use this blog as a platform for sharing it with you.We live in an age where information is easily accessible – where we can share our ideas and knowledge with the world in the blink of an eye through the Internet and social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. My aim is to do just that: share and spread ideas and knowledge.”

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