Patti Pokorchak

"If I can be a farmer, then you can be anything you want to be, as being a farmer was NEVER in my wildest dreams. Don't settle, dream big, live life with no regrets!"

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Patti Pokorchak, MBA - Small Business Sales Coach, Speaker and Trainer Patti’s motto is ’to have fun and make money’, and if you’re not having fun, then who cares about the money! Born into an entrepreneurial family, small business has been in her blood since leaving her four years at the IBM finishing school (thank you for teaching me how to sell though!), wandering off to Europe for a decade and working at five startup tech companies. She truly believes that you can live a life without regrets. Returning to Canada, she became self-employed in 1992, helping start and run a 7-figure high tech software business for 10 years, before moving to the country and opening a successful garden centre and hobby farm for 6 years. Now a recovering farmer and back to her Toronto hometown after that 30 year detour, she loves to help make your passion profitable with her proven practical advice!

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