Ross Slater

"When you eat a meal with someone, watch how they treat the server. Someday they will treat you the same way. Decide if you want that day to come and act accordingly."

A little more about me...

Ross Slater is President of ProPerforma Inc., a consulting company that works with owners to help them get clear and confident about how they can grow their businesses by focusing on their strategy, marketing, processes, and goals. Then supports them through team development, resource recommendations, and accountability to make it happen.Ross is an accomplished facilitator, speaker, and coach. Prior to founding ProPerforma Inc., he worked with several management consulting and coaching companies. He holds an honors degree in economics from Glendon College, York University.Known for his contagious energy and his strong interest in personal and professional development, both for himself and others, Ross and his life partner make their home in Toronto. He loves to travel, read voluminously, and engage in political and philosophical discussions.

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